How Important is a Logo to Your Brand?

With the establishment of your company, you have faced a problem related to the issue of its recognition. After all, you want your company to enter the competition as soon as possible and the best way to do that is to create its logo. The importance of corporate logo in appearances is very often overlooked, especially when we are dealing with beginner entrepreneurs. The professional design of the company logo is the most necessary step to make your company looks professional. So how should a professional corporate logo design look like? You will find out in today’s article.

Logo and logotype – How Do They Differ?

The terms logo and the logotype can create a lot of confusion for us because both the terms are used interchangeably, so let’s start by explaining the difference between the two terms. A logo is a graphic form of representing the symbol and name of a given company or an organization. They are presented on printed materials, various advertisements, on buildings, vehicles, and also on other objects that are related to the visual identification of a given company. The logo may include a company’s password, a signet ring, or a logo. The graphic symbol of the company is called a signet ring, while the graphic name of the company is called a logotype, and the additional text that most often suggests the company’s profile itself or transfer of its value is called a company’s slogan.

Well, after getting an idea of both the terms, a question may arise in your mind that is it necessary to distinguish among these terms? The answer is yes because when placing an order with a professional graphic designer or when designing your own company’s logo, you should know the exact requirements. Most often, the exact composition is used in an industrial company, but of course, the logo can also be an independent logo or signet ring.

Company Logo – Do We Need it?

Virtually every enterprise asks itself this question. In the beginning, when people set up their own companies, then in initial days, every owner tries to save money and to focus on the most important things that they think are necessary for starting a business. The initial steps of the owner of any new business enterprise most often include buying a company stamp and other essential stuff. Many startups and entrepreneurs ask themselves the question that whether to have a logo or not? At the beginning of every business, everyone tries to save and take care only of the most important things, such as the purchase of a company stamp. However, if you miss such an important thing as a company logo, then your chances of business success will definitely be lowered. Because the logo encourages your potential customers to buy your products and also become familiar with the company. When you do not have a logo, then you are discouraging the customers of your company. A company is not the combination of only its headquarters, a team of harmonious people, and the website rather it needs its independent recognition in addition to the stated requirements. Through the logo, your company will be recognizable, and without it, despite your efforts, we will be quickly knocked out of the competition.

Nowadays, it’s not just about starting to do something but to stand out from others. The logo, which is professionally made, creates the image of your company. Whether your potential customer remembers and associates your company during the first contact with you is dependent upon the quality of your logo. Its positive or negative assessment will, therefore, depend on its careful implementation. To design a logo well, it must reflect not only the basic profile of your company or suggest it, but it must also convey the appropriate emotions, company values ​​, and principles. It is really worth looking at how the logos of well-known brands are designed. It can be said without a doubt that such logos show aggressiveness, lightness, and serenity as well as security because, in this way, they act on the customers’ they need more time to analyze the hidden meaning of the logo.

To gain customer’s engagement and loyalty you need to use a good logo. By creating an adequate symbol and logo for your brand, and then using it wisely, your company will be permanently remembered by your customers. Also, the colors of the logo are important because the customers associate the name of the company subconsciously with the color of its logo and its appearance, as well as the products or the services of the company. A large majority of people are visual learners, and therefore they can remember names effectively, and they must associate them with some characters, even the simplest ones. Even if a brand is not the best, thanks to our subconsciousness, we are inclined to buy its product, because we simply become familiar with the things we know.

We can say with certainty that the logo used on business cards, websites, or leaflets, is a great marketing tool. The logo is easily remembered by your potential customers. A well-designed logo can even become one of the main reasons for the sale of your services or products. We should not underestimate the value of a good logo by focusing only on its sales and marketing aspects, because the logo can also be associated with well-known acts, bloggers, athletes, or celebrities, who certainly give it greater effectiveness.

For your customer to find you easily among hundreds of similar brands, your logo must effectively attract their attention by uniquely marking your products. At the very beginning, you can gain when your competition has a not very professional logo, not to mention when it does not have one at all. Therefore, your professional logo will gain the attention of the customers who, through its interesting graphic form or typography, will be attracted to your company.

So it is obvious that a company’s logo is a standard nowadays because it affects whether you as a company will be perceived as professionals or only as amateurs in the sector. The determinant of your approach to the customers in the world of brands is, therefore, a good logo. Anyone who analyzes the market will finally understand that consumers will sooner or later recognize the nature of your company through the appropriate aesthetic experience.

Professional Company Logo – What should it look like?

It does not matter if the logo is designed by you or you will use the services of a professional graphic designer without knowing what its full power is and how it should be designed. Now we will discuss the four important features that are part of any effective logo.

1. Logos must be Legible

First of all, your logo cannot contain excessive elements or colors – it must be legible because through a wrong combination your logo will become incomprehensible and therefore difficult to remember. To improve the readability of the logo you need to maximally simplify its form. Complex logotypes and even those painted by hand are really an interesting idea and no one can prevent you from using them, although we must bear in mind that logos of online companies must differ from offline business enterprises After getting a logo, you must be aware of its effective use.

2. The Logo must be Meaningful and Distinctive

The company’s values, emotions, and business profile should be associated with the logo. It must suggest and make customers think about the company’s aims and ambitions. When you consistently build the image of your company, it often takes on special features, but the logo must carry a specific message of the project and not just a random combination of text and graphics.

3. The Logo must be Original

By having a monopolistic company (not everyone is the owner of Facebook), i.e. one that has no rivals in the market, one should not have difficulty in creating an original logo. However, if you set up an insurance company, sportswear store, or hair salon, you must stand out from the competition and be careful not to plagiarize. Contrary to appearances, there are many possibilities to present the same business profile, but you should focus on the creativity and knowledge of your customers. you must, however, be original – remember that a company that has a monopoly has long established its position and identity of a given company has long been defined by a logo. Therefore copying even well-known characters never brings anything good, because people associate characters.

4. The Logo must be Useful

For a logo to be useful, it must be professional. The logotype or symbol itself, which you cannot use anywhere, will not be useful to you. If you plan to mark a logo with all products or company documents and they will be the only elements on the website. Then you need to think about the appropriate design of the logo because the way you will use it is of great importance. You should link its details depending on how far a potential customer will contact it, as well as with its level of complexity, and even with the size of the logo letters. you also need to pay attention to whether to use it differently as the company grows or it can be adapted later to different situations. However, it is often not advisable to change the logo later. The logo must be done once and well because the logo is one of the first things the people recognize. If the Coca Cola logo were changed, sales of this company would drop drastically because people would stop buying their products.

Is it Possible to Create a Logo Yourself, without the Help of Graphic Designers?

Of course, you can create your company’s logo by designing it yourself as creating a company logo is not the domain of graphic designers only. In our opinion, however, a better choice would be to hire a professional for this purpose if your budget allows it. Because the graphic designer knows exactly how to approach this issue as he has industrial knowledge. Theoretical and practical knowledge is very important for logo design. The graphic designer will also ensure that your logo is characteristic of your company, original and that it becomes an excellent basis for building the image of your company. However, this is not a necessity, and if someone feels capable enough to design a logo, then, of course, nothing stands in your way of making your own logo.
So if you want to get started with making such a logo yourself, it is worth knowing how to get started. First of all, the simplest solution is to use logo creation programs that are online and completely free. They will provide you with ready-made templates, change colors, upload graphics, or edit texts contained in the logo.

If you want to use these online programs to create a logo for free, you can download them from the net. Two of these online logo softwares are Logo Maker and LogoSmartz Program.

We also have ready-made logos to download, in case you do not want to pay for the design at the graphic, but you must know and be aware of the fact that by downloading the finished design, you will not have the original design, because other people will also use the same designs.

Is the Logo Necessary and must it be Ready?

To set up a business and to build up the image of your company, a logo is not only needed, but it is the utmost necessity. Also, a company’s logo is not only in digital form, but it can also be found on the company’s stamp and stationary. At present, very original and fashionable are logotypes in stamps, which are used not only to mark products but also to create thank-you cards for the clients or gifts during the holidays.
What do you think? Is it better to make the logo by oneself or to hire the services of a professional graphic designer?


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