Do companies need to update their websites regularly, since they are already having aesthetic, nice, and interesting templates? In our opinion, the answer is obviously yes. A company’s website should be updated from time to time. There are many reasons for this continuous site updation. Online trends are rapidly changing. which means that the Internet users have new expectations from a company’s website. Also, in today’s world, technology is constantly and fastly evolving Due to the fast-evolving technologies, factors of website optimization are also changing. So, every business owner must ensure that their websites are constantly attracting the eyeballs of customers Therefore if you are running an online business or having an online presence for your offline business, then you can’t neglect your website.

In today’s article, we have chosen the 5 most important reasons that should be considered by every company website’s owner, in deciding whether to update their respective website.

1. The Website Does not Have a Nice Appearance

If your website does please your customers at first glance because of its dull appearance, in our opinion, this is one of the first and most important reasons for your website transformation. . Poor appearance of a site is the most popular reason behind updation and modification of websites. Everyone knows that the ugly and outdated page template means that your customers will not be interested in further browsing it. According to a research study, in the first few seconds of site browsing, 80-90% of people make their first visual sentiment that is difficult to change later. So if your site looks outdated and it has an unattractive design, then it will surely scare away your clients because the first impression is the whole 1% giving 99% effect.

If Internet users who are accustomed to the current, specific navigation schemes will not be able to navigate your website efficiently and will have difficulty finding specific information, then they will lose patience. Because time is very valuable nowadays and you have to make good use of it. Navigation elements are therefore the absolute basis of every website, and if your site navigation is poor then you are in the hot waters. It is also a matter of common observation that outdated templates often cause websites to load much slower. So if your customers become aware of the fact that your website is from the previous decade. Then they will understand the owner of the website is not following the latest trends. In the worst-case scenario and honestly, your customers will likely think that the company does not care about its image at all. If your customers are believing that you are not taking care of your business’s image then you will end up on the losing end.

2. The Website Does not Have a Mobile Version

If your website lacks responsiveness, i.e. the fact that the resolution of various mobile devices is not adjusted automatically by your website, then this is the second most important reason behind companies’ decision of creating new websites. Every year, more and more users browse websites using their mobile phones or tablets, so if your website is not responsive then your company will incur significant business losses.

As you know, the number of people who browse web pages traditionally that is via a desktop computer or laptop is on the decline. Even a lot of people believe that now most people browse websites through mobile devices, especially through mobile phones. So the lack of a mobile version of your company’s website means the loss of a significant number of potential customers and thus the loss of business.

3. Sales Increase

In the past, websites were more business cards than they were intended to familiarize customers with what a given company does and to present a catalog of the company’s products. Currently, however, such a website is not only a presentation of the company’s activities but a powerful tool for supporting online sales and information about potential customers. Because now we are aware of the fact-thanks to Big Data, that business owners can find out, why their customer has decided not to buy their product.

Hundreds of people now literally prefer to buy everything online, starting with everyday food items, to all kinds of cosmetics and clothes, and household appliances. The European B2C e-commerce market is also flourishing, which in 2019 amounted to 621 billion euros! All this means that now more and more companies decide to change their company’s website to a sales platform to increase profits and facilitates their customers.

4. The Need to Expand the Company’s Website by Linking it to Social Networking Sites and Running a Blog

Not only the sales role of a website is the only reason for a company to modify its website. But also, it is worth noting that modern websites can also perform a variety of other functions. Each of these functions will contribute to the increased interest of potential customers. Your website can also be a tool for creating and managing communities. As we know, in today’s world, a large part of our lives takes place on social media platforms. Therefore, by linking your Facebook or Insta company’s profile with your website will allow you to communicate better with your actual and prospective clients.

Very often websites are also expanded with blogs, which not only allow you to better communicate with the recipients but also to acquire new customers from them. Such a blog is an extremely useful and popular form of sharing knowledge or information or opinions of your business with your potential clients. By having such a blog, you can deal with almost any topic that comes to your mind. If you have a clothing store, you can write about fashion, and if you own a different company then you can write about the relevant topics e.g. movie reviews or news from the world of science. People who want to start a new business with their unique and individual brand should know that such a blog is a fantastic way to advertise because many customers make purchasing decisions based on information found on the Internet about a given brand. A company’s blog facilitates two-way communication between a company and its customers. By having two-way communication with your customers, you will develop brand loyalty in your customers, and in consequence, your business will thrive.

5. An Easier Way to Manage Your Website

As we know, all company pages need to be updated regularly, i.e. with content updation, and modification of graphics or the layout of individual elements on them. So the entire website management system must be easy and smooth i.e. it does not require a complete shutdown of the website at the time of updation. If the website is not updated frequently or it simply remains unavailable to users, then the situation will impact your potential customers badly.

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