Why is WordPress a good platform for developing websites?

There are many free content management systems out there but still, WordPress is preferred not only by small businesses but also it is the favorite content management system of large corporations like  BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, The Walt Disney Company or the Chicago Sun-Times. What are the reasons for such widespread popularity of WordPress? In this blog, we will explore some of the reasons behind this popularity of WordPress.
WordPress is popular for several reasons. We will look at them one by one in the coming paragraphs. Let’s start with our WordPress exploration journey with the fact that currently, over 455,000,000 websites around the world use the WordPress system and that’s about 20% of total websites!
The first and foremost reason for the popularity of WordPress is its uniqueness and simplicity. Functions of the system are very intuitive and you can start even with a very basic understanding of the system. Thanks to its uniqueness, system users can easily create attractive websites using the themes, tools, and plugins which are available free of cost. It is the uniqueness and simplicity of WordPress that it has been ranked as the number one website-building system. WordPress is the number one website building solution in the world. It is available for free to download and has add-ons that the WordPress parent company-Automatic- and WordPress community frequently improve features of the system so that the WordPress websites remain relevant to the evolving needs of the users. You may have a question in mind, was WordPress number one from the beginning? How it achieved its uniqueness and why is it so much popular?

Why you should use WordPress for your website?

The answer is that WordPress was not so unique in the beginning. Over the years, the system has evolved into a more open form for novice users. Initially, WordPress was created to design blogs, websites, and types of Internet publications, but with time the system evolved and new features were added to it. Its myriad features and easy customization has made it the best choice for managing highly advanced websites of large global corporations, as well as small companies, e.g. sole proprietors or bloggers, who want to promote their trademarks.
Its perfection is primarily due to the ease of its installation process, which at the very beginning puts it in a good light. No technical know-how and coding knowledge are required for its use. Anyone can use the system for building custom websites. WordPress Plugins are interesting bits of software that adds functionalities to your websites. For example, WordPress is having an editor such as Page Builder, which is available in the plugin form and it gives you the option to make your own web pages. Anyone who wants to build an online business like a blog or online store can use WordPress even if he/she lacks coding and programming languages because of its simplicity.
In comparison, Joomla and Drupal, despite the similar software stack (language and database) are also very simple to use and website creation rules are very clear for the beginners in these content management systems. But if you are a more advanced Joomla or Drupal user, then you can use more advanced system features of these systems to enhance your website. Thus new users are at the receiving end in Joomla or Drupal. On the other hand, WordPress caters to the needs of both experienced and novice users alike which makes it universal for everyone. This is this uniqueness of WordPress that it is popular among both new and advanced users.
Is WordPress good for big websites?
This universal popularity of the WordPress system among beginner and professional users alike has made it the number one web development solution in the world. Beginners usually choose the system because they want to easily and quickly create content using it, but when it comes to advanced users, they choose it because it is a system hassle-free system when it comes to financial reasons.
WordPress plugins are the next reason for WordPress’s popularity. Virtual plugins, or plugins, are nothing but bits of code that are designed to perform specific tasks within the website. Plugins give the possibility for users to equip their websites with such solutions as online stores, photo galleries or contact forms. We can deactivate and activate plugins at any time. Plugins are regularly updated and these updates positively affect the functioning of websites, without the updates, we will be exposed to attacks by hackers who can take control of our websites.
With the help of the Woo Commerce plugin, a website can become an e-commerce store instantly, you can use plugins to expose the portfolio of a photographer or IT specialist. You can also an information services website for certain specified social groups or a portal for online publications. Immediately after installing WordPress, we get access to all articles, publications, and entries. Also, we can edit the website’s appearance by themes. The availability of additional plugins increases the application possibilities of the system.
Thanks to the plugins and themes that WordPress offers, users have a range of options for customizing the appearance of their websites depending on their requirements. If you are interested in creating business card pages, company blogs, online stores or recruitment websites, you can build it for free (except for time limits), thanks to the WordPress plugins.

Do we need to pay for WordPress?

Both paid and unpaid plugins are available. Because of the many free plugins in WordPress, users do not have to buy them and thus there is no unnecessary burden on their wallets. However, in addition to free plugins, you can easily get paid plugins that have additional features that the free plugins don’t support.
If you aim to rank your website in Google search results, then you must be aware of the fact that this is a very time-consuming activity and will require specialist knowledge in addition to monitoring the competitors’ activities. For your website to have a high ranking in Google and in other search engines, the key element will be its proper modernization as well as its structure in terms of content and keywords. You have to follow a holistic SEO approach which is both costly and time-consuming. But WordPress facilitates this task since the community has prepared ready plugins that allow website owners to rank their sites in the search results.
Although, the plugins that rank the page are not easy to use as they are also time-consuming if you are running an online business, you have to go through the process as website ranking is very crucial in the success of any online business. Since website ranking is very important because you do not want that your page will pop up on the 60th page in the search engine, we must acquire some knowledge when it comes to the SEO WordPress plugin. However, if we do not have knowledge in this area, the best solution is to hire an SEO specialist who will make your site clearly visible in the search engine.
Another SEO related task is adjusting graphics and matching the appearance of the website to mobile devices such as phones. It is as important as other features of SEO when it comes to search rankings on Google and other search engines. If your website doesn’t adapt to different devices, it will be problematic when users browse it. The users must be comfortable if you want an online presence e.g. company offers or the online store itself. The RWD technique, i.e. the technique used to design a website so that its layout adapts itself to the size of a given browser window is also used in the WordPress system to design virtually all paid and unpaid themes, which proves that WordPress is an exemplary system.
Plugins such as Wordfence make your site secure against hackers’ attacks. The availability of such useful and free plugins has made WordPress very popular among digital communities.

What are the most popular WordPress plugins?

Finally, the WordPress community is another reason for WordPress’s popularity among webmasters and novice users. WordPress community is spread all over the world improving the operation of WordPress systems, which in turn affects the high availability of add-ons, i.e. plugins, which are available to us in various language versions adapted to specific groups of users. The most popular WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO, P3, Disqus, and Welcome Mat are 100% translated into virtually every language. WordPress supporters form so-called support groups around the world and are responsible for updating the system and maintaining its proper security. WordPress community groups are involved in various activities for the benefit of system users. You can also seek help from this WordPress community regarding any query.
Such interesting features have made it very easy to run a website in WordPress, you only need the domain name and good hosting service. The website can also be launched via www.wordpress.org, however, due to limitations, e.g. regarding the management of any add-ons or website ranking, it is better to use the system installation.

What are the benefits of using WordPress?

To make a debut with your own website in WordPress, it is worth putting some financial capital into a good hosting service. You need to look for the best solutions dedicated specifically to fans of this system, for example, WordPress SSD Hosting. WordPress SSDs are modern SSDs ensuring virtually instant loading of websites and stable operation even at high user traffic. If you run an online business, you can feel protected and secure up to 7 days backup-thanks to the backup storage.
In nutshell, if you are thinking about creating a website for your online business, in our opinion, it is really worth creating it in WordPress. Because in almost 100% of the program’s capabilities it is enough to professionally create such a website. It will also be well protected from hackers and also easy to use. It will also be much cheaper to use so consider saving a few bucks, opt for WordPress.

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